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    Hoarders : Kathy; Elmira

    Synopsis: A woman who filled up her triplex and dance studio gets a talking to from her 12 children; family members step in after authorities prepare to condemn a woman's home.

    What did Dave note Sara did as part of her dissociative identity disorder?
    Avoided registering information that could crush her

    What did Debra note Kathy could do to create financial security for herself?
    Charge rent as a landlord

    What did Debra note was a fire hazard in Elmira's house?
    Cooking pots filled with oil

    What did Matt report he did, that stunned Elmira and she began to cry for a second time?
    Found mice droppings in the kitchen

    What did Maria say doctors did, before she entered Elmira's house with Robin?
    Removed tumors from her brain stem

    What did Maria cry over her family not doing, on the last day of the cleanup?
    Wanting to raise her as a child

    What did Mira reveal her husband did, that worsened her hoarding?
    Left her for the minister's wife

    What did on-screen text reveal happened that worsened Kathy's hoarding?
    Son died in a car accident

    What did Sara express she and her siblings wanted Kathy to do, after Dr. Tolin insisted the family needed more healing?
    Apologize for mistreating them

    What did Sue Ann and Maria do, as Elmira was sorting through her belongings outdoors?
    Began to argue with each other over a misunderstanding

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