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    Chicago Fire : Bad for the Soul

    Synopsis: Firehouse 51 responds to an unusual call from another firehouse; the addition of a new firefighter (Miranda Rae Mayo) has repercussions; Casey realizes that certain voters have personal agendas for wanting him elected.

    What did Casey do during an event hosted by Tamara, after he did a brief dance with her and the music shut off?
    Spoke at a town hall meeting

    What did Dave and his wife do, as they stressed for someone to rescue Bobby from their burning residence?
    Revealed they were owners of a cat

    What did Dontae say he wanted Casey to do, as Casey met with “community leaders” inside a church?
    Get a police camera removed from a street corner

    What did Kit do to prevent Dave from entering into a burning residence, after his wife reminded him that Bobby was in the building?
    Tackled him on to the sidewalk

    What did a man do when he exited a damaged car, after Ogle and Sylvie arrived at the scene of the accident?
    Complained that he was blind

    What did a member of a firehouse say that McCormick did during a drill, when Severide and Cruz arrived at the scene to help?
    Fell off of the aerial ladder

    What did Otis talk about doing to haze the newest member to the firehouse, before Kit revealed she was the newest member?
    Setting off a stink bomb

    What did Rich do when he visited Casey at the firehouse, after saying he represented a group of people whose names were on museums?
    Offered him a campaign contribution

    What did Severide do to help an injured McCormick, after Richter insisted he stayed to help and Severide dismissed him?
    Sawed through a post that impaled his leg

    What did Sylvie do at the firehouse, before she vented to Jimmy about how she had a “thing” for him?
    Ran a load of laundry

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "All-Star Tribute to James Burrows," what happened?
    Comedy stars were brought together for comedic discussions

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