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    Castle : Witness for the Prosecution

    Synopsis: When Castle takes the stand as the key witness to a murder, new information suddenly arises, forcing Beckett to race to prevent a miscarriage of justice.

    What did Beckett explain Sadie had done, before asking Lloyd if he had "lost control" and killed Sadie?
    Cheated on him multiple times

    What did Castle recall, during the trail, that Lloyd was doing at the party, after Castle stumbled upon Sadie's body?
    Cleaning mud from his shoes in the bathroom

    What did Castle do in Judge Walcott's chambers, before Walcott ordered that Castle be thrown into a holding cell?
    Insulted her and her alma mater

    What did Castle do after telling Beckett he wanted to perform a secret "I love you" signal during Sadie's first murder trial?
    Rubbed his nose with his finger

    What did Castle discover Nina doing while attending a party, in a flashback to Sadie's death five months earlier?
    Removing a fireplace poker from her chest

    What did Joanna claim Nina had done, while Castle and Ryan were visiting the Master's townhouse?
    Moved their basketball hoop in the yard

    What did Nina say Sadie asked her to do while at Roger's party, explaining it was the reason they had argued?
    Bring his empty champagne glass to her

    What did Roger admit to Castle that he was doing the night of the party, after insisting that he had not killed Sadie?
    Smoking marijuana in the basement

    What did Roger do after Castle agreed to name a villain in his next book after Joanna and shook hands with her?
    Opened a safe embedded in the wall

    What did Sadie do after following Nina out of a bar, in security footage seen by Castle and the detectives?
    Kissed her on her lips

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