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    The 100: Watch the Throne

    Clarke learns the identity of the author of a devious plan; Kane fights to keep the peace; Jasper acts recklessly out of grief.

    What did Aden do after Lexa said he would likely succeed her if she died and instructed him to join the other Nightbloods?
    Bowed to her

    What did a Grounder do to initiate Kane into Lexa's coalition, in footage from a previous episode?
    Branded his arm with an iron

    What did Jasper do after he tripped and realized he had spilled Finn's ashes?
    Broke down and cried

    What did Lexa do to kill Nia while Nia was watching her "single combat" against Roan?
    Tossed a spear at her

    What did Monty do before he noticed that Jasper had passed out on the grass from drinking too much?
    Searched through his backpack

    What was Nia doing when Clarke sliced open her hand in front of her to make a blood oath?
    Sitting at a table and eating

    What did Pike and Bellamy do after they agreed to "never again" let their guards down and allow their people to die?
    Clinked shot glasses

    What did one of Pike's men do after he pointed at Lincoln and yelled that he didn't belong with the members of the Ark?
    Tossed a rock at his head

    What did one of Pike's men do before Lincoln punched him and held a knife to his throat?
    Pointed a gun at him

    What did Roan do after Nia encouraged him to fight for his clan if he didn't want to fight for her?
    Drew a sword out of a scabbard

    In a sponsored segment during the show, what did Rafael from "Jane the Virgin" discuss in a voiceover as he was shown going to work, discussing a downloadable product, and using a cell phone, before a bank was noted?
    How stepping into another's shoes allows us to empathize and learn about ourselves
    How beautiful it was to give to others, and how the sun was an example of giving
    That the pursuit of a dream required persistence, and that our journey made it worth it
    NOT--That although the universe was vase, we still had a big part to play with small acts
    Wells Fargo

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