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    Elementary : Down Where the Dead Delight

    Synopsis: When a bomb is detonated in the morgue, Watson and Holmes must look for a killer without any physical evidence to assist them; Watson is asked to consult on a case by a detective who has a grudge against her.

    What did Capt. Gregson do, while discussing Janet's murder with Det. Bell, Holmes, and Watson, before Bell noted that "somebody was angry"?
    Looked at a series of crime scene photos

    What did Holmes do while examining evidence taken from Toby's room, before Holmes said that he was "struck" by the fact that Toby had two hiding places?
    Found a fingerprint in a notebook

    What did Holmes find hidden inside of Toby's bed, after Neil stated that Toby was not a "loner creep"?
    Box filled with pictures of women

    What did Holmes do, while searching Janet's apartment, after Holmes suggested several roller derby names to Watson?
    Found her drugs in a container of garlic salt

    What did Holmes say that Omar's killer did, before Eugene recalled that five Honduran gangsters had recently been brought to the morgue?
    Planted a bomb inside of him

    What did Holmes do, while investigating the park trail where Omar's body had been found, after Holmes handed his coat to Det. Bell?
    Waded into a lake

    What did Neil tell Capt. Gregson, Det. Bell, Holmes, and Watson that he did, as he confessed to murdering Janet?
    Offered her money to move

    What did Nicole tell Eugene that Omar did, after she brought him into a morgue, before Nicole said that Omar's death was a homicide?
    Suffered from blood loss due to his knife wounds

    What was Nioka doing in footage that Det. Cortes showed to Watson, before Cortes said that Nioka had embarrassed Hector during the previous year?
    Dribbling a basketball on a court

    What did Watson do, while working out in her room, before Holmes entered and remarked "I was looking for that"?
    Threw punches at a boxing dummy

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