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    Chicago Fire : The Sky Is Falling

    Synopsis: News of a mass shooting brings the members of Firehouse 51 into harrowing territory; Casey investigates the missing money from the fundraiser; Jimmy participates in a boxing match; Chili's erratic behavior continues to be a major issue for Brett.

    What was Alderman doing when he told Casey about settlements he arranged for victims of a tornado?
    Eating dinner at a restaurant

    What was Alex doing when she thanked Severide, as she sought treatment for her gunshot wound?
    Laying out on a stretcher

    What did Chili and Sylvie argue about doing, after Chili strapped an oxygen mask on a patient at Soldier Field?
    Administering epinephrine to him

    What did Dawson attempt to do after she told Jimmy that she was "undefeated" at a sport in high school?
    Teach him how to box in a ring

    What did Otis note about the smoke coming out of Soldier Field, while the firefighters responded to a call?
    Purple color that marked it

    What did Severide do while he visited Alex in the hospital, before he claimed it was a gift from the entire firehouse?
    Brought a potted plant for her

    What were Severide, Cruz, and Capp doing before Alex said that she needed to convene a meeting of the officers in the firehouse?
    Cleaning equipment with rags

    What did a shooter do while Chili and Sylvie hid from him, after they joined hands?
    Pushed coins into a vending machine

    What was a shooter doing while he fired at Alex, after she arrived at the scene with police officers?
    Standing by the edge of a roof
    Chevrolet (Alex) / Ford (police) / Ford (Chief Boden)

    What did Sylvie ask if Chili was forced out of her last firehouse for doing, before Chili said she could handle it herself?
    Experiencing a drinking problem

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