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    The X-Files : Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster

    Synopsis: Witnesses claim a strange creature was responsible for killing a person in the woods; Mulder confronts some of his own demons.

    Sponsor: Ford

    What did an animal control officer do to attack Scully after a dog in a cage bit her finger?
    Wrapped a loop on the end of a pole around her neck

    What did a doctor do before Mulder exited his office, after Mulder requested information from him?
    Offered him a prescription for antipsychotic medicine

    What was Guy doing when he drank out of a bottle that was concealed by a brown bag?
    Walking through a cemetery
    Ford (Mulder)

    What was Guy doing, during a flashback, before he ran through a forest in the form of a monster?
    Admiring the moon in the night sky

    What did Guy do, during a flashback, while he was working at a cell phone store?
    Flipped a table over

    What did a man and a woman do before they heard a person screaming in a forest?
    Huffed paint out of a paper bag

    What did Mulder claim that a monster did when it attacked him, before he compared it to an image of a horned lizard?
    Ejected blood out of its eyeball

    What did Mulder do after he opened a hidden door in a hotel room and walked down a hall?
    Peered through the eyes of a hanging animal decoration

    What did Mulder do, in his office, before he complained that old cases involving monsters could be explained?
    Whipped a pencil into a poster

    What did Mulder do before he and an animal control officer were attacked by a green monster?
    Snapped a camera flash on his cell phone

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