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    Hoarders : Peggy; Ed and Connie

    Synopsis: A woman stands to lose her beloved home if she doesn't remove the filth and animal carcasses inside; a teenager demands that his parents clean up their stash of Halloween items and other assorted junk.

    What did Connie do after Cory said he could "see the panic" in her?
    Took a lid out of a bag

    What did Cory tell Connie that Fisher and Connie were trying to do, before Vickie said he was eavesdropping on their conversation?
    Run away and leave her

    What did Ed say he did over the last six years, after Connie said that Hunter tried to bully her into changing?
    Found multiple types of cancer

    What did Fisher tell Dr. Chabaud that he did, before Shawna toured Ed and Connie's house?
    Felt alone and isolated

    What did Mark point out that Peggy did, before she told him not to ask "hard questions" during the house tour?
    Let her pets die in cages

    What did Mark say that Peggy did after Kim asked her to answer a "yes or no" question?
    Refused to admit regret
    Struggled with memory loss
    NOT--Began a new cycle of grief
    Blamed mistakes on others

    What did Peggy reveal that she was doing after Dorothy said the inhabitable conditions were damaging her health?
    Experiencing stage four renal failure

    What did Peggy say that she wanted to do, before Dorothy ordered the removal trucks to come in?
    Fight to live as long as she could

    What did Ron tell Peggy that she would have to do, after he toured her empty house?
    Remedy the mold problem

    What did Ron say that Peggy did, after he noted her house was one of worst he had seen?
    Backed up a sewer line

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