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    I Love Lucy Christmas Special

    Synopsis: The Mertzes help the Ricardos decorate their Christmas tree; the Ricardos and Mertzes visit Rome.

    What did a bellhop do after coming into the hotel room in Rome?
    Read from a magazine

    What did Ethel do after Victorio asked her to play a small role in his film?
    Fluffed out her hair

    What did Fred do after Lucy told him that the tree looked unbalanced?
    Sawed at a branch with a handsaw

    What did Fred do, in footage from a previous episode, after he and Ricky panicked when Lucy told them it was time to have the baby?
    Pushed him down on the couch

    What did Little Ricky do after he came into the living room and found presents under the tree?
    Played a drum solo on the drums

    What did Little Ricky do after Ricky finished decorating and told him "off to bed"?
    Sat down in a chair in front of the fireplace

    What did Lucy do after she hiked up her dress at the vineyard in Turo?
    Stomped around in a vat of grapes

    What did Lucy do after she mimicked the efforts of the woman who sat next to her at the dipping counter?
    Spent time swatting at a fly

    What did Lucy do after Ricky told her that he got her a "gift" for Christmas?
    Held mistletoe over her head

    What did Ricky and Lucy do after they realized there was an extra man in the kitchen dressed as Santa Claus?
    Yanked on his beard

    What did Ricky and Fred do after they picked up two raw chickens off the floor?
    Washed them in the sink

    What did Ricky say that he and Fred did to show their appreciation, before Lucy and Ethel collapsed?
    Bought them boxes of chocolate

    What was Ricky doing as Fred came in the room wearing a handkerchief on his head?
    Pressing a dress with an iron

    What did Victorio do while introducing himself to Lucy on the train?
    Kissed her on the hand

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