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    Chicago Med : Mistaken

    Synopsis: The doctors treat those injured in a movie theater shooting; Natalie asks Daniel for help treating a teenager with an eating disorder; a patient surprises everyone.

    What did April do after Dr. Halstead diagnosed Gertrude with sarcoidosis?
    Displayed a chart of her genetic makeup

    What did April and Maggie do, while Maggie called Peter a "knucklehead" for his pranks?
    Watched a video on a cell phone

    What did Ashley decide that she wanted to do, before her mother approved after some hesitation?
    Wear a feeding tube in her nose
    Apple iPhone

    What did Bill do before a crowd of people ran away from the scene of a shooting?
    Bought tickets to see a movie

    What did Dr. Manning say that Dr. Charles did, after she insisted that he could have told her what he was doing?
    Prescribed a placebo pill

    What did a female investigator do after she said that Peter was a prankster?
    Revealed a picture of a leaf blower

    What did a man say that Rick did after Rick was rushed into a room on a stretcher?
    Walked out in front of a car

    What did Sharon say that Peter could do, before Maggie noted that he needed to live first?
    Serve a sentence in jail

    What did Sharon say that Bill did after she said that Lucy was taken off a ventilator?
    Gave permission to donate her organs

    What did Sharon point out before Dr. Charles noted that the media was a powerful entity?
    Reporters had started to gather
    Pepsi (vending machine)

    In a promotional advertisement during this program, for a show called "Shades of Blue," what happened?
    Police detective dealt with dangerous situations as her threatening boss tried to find an informant in his team

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