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    FOX NFL Sunday

    Synopsis: Hosts Curt Menefee and Terry Bradshaw; with analysts Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan.

    What did Curt Menefee note Howie Long doing the previous Thursday, before Long made his selections during the "Picks" segment?
    Calling an upset victory by the Bears

    What did former Packer Brett Favre do at Lambeau Field, in footage presented by Terry Bradshaw?
    Shared an embrace with Bart Starr
    Kay Jewelers / Microsoft Surface

    What did Howie Long suggest the Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul did, as Paul warmed up for his matchup against the Redskins during the "Screen Pass" segment?
    Contributed to his defensive unit's improvement

    What did Jay Glazer report the Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders would likely do, during the "Ins and Outs" segment?
    Return to the starting lineup

    What did Mike Pereira recommend the NFL do to improve the game, in a discussion with Curt Menefee during the "On the Field" segment?
    Make the officials full-time employees
    Microsoft Surface

    What did Terry Bradshaw note the Buccaneers' Jameis Winston doing as a sixth grader, during the "Refreshing Rookie" segment?
    Jotting down plays in a notebook
    Pepsi (Refreshing Rookie)

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were you encouraged do with a wireless provider's service, as a robot football player held a phone?
    Download an application to stream live game coverage


    In a commercial during this show, what did a man do with an item available at a store that sells home improvement products, before explaining to his wife how he felt like there was nothing he couldn't do?
    Installed a bathroom vanity, before finally presenting his glow-in-the-dark cat hat idea to his boss
    Provides you with professional and helpful advice

    In a commercial during this show, what was noted about a truck that was presented in fast-changing scenarios that included work sites, as bold words and symbols were shown and it towed large stars behind it?
    That it had a military-grade aluminum alloy body that was bolted to a high-strength steel frame
    Ford F-150
    Received a top safety rating on every configuration

    In a commercial during this show, what did a woman do while opening packages at home near a Christmas tree, before you were encouraged to visit a Web site that sells sports merchandise?
    Discarded a sweater with a rival team's logo on it, before proudly holding up a different one, as her father encouraged her to stay strong in a note
    Carries apparel for fans of many different teams

    In a commercial during this show, what truck feature, which was designed by engineers who "burned the candle at both ends," was demonstrated in quick scenes?
    Pro trailer backup assist, as a knob was turned to help steer a boat trailer in the right direction
    Ford F-150
    Its new design and exclusive features make every other truck history

    In a commercial during this show, where was a wireless provider's service that "matters" explained, before a movie was promoted?
    Space galaxy far away where a hairy creature exchanged gunfire with armored soldiers while waiting for a robot to download data
    Provides a better network

    In a movie commercial during this show, who was Will Smith in dramatic scenes that took place in a city and were based on a true story?
    Foreign doctor who looked into health problems that were caused by repetitive head trauma in football

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