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    The Amazing Race : It's Always the Quiet Ones

    Synopsis: The remaining six teams face a U-Turn; a candy-making challenge leads some teams to the sweet taste of victory.

    What did contestants do after they folded and knotted up their laundry during the Road Block?
    Stirred it in a large pot

    What did James Earl say that Denise did, after he said she was twice the age of the other contestants, after Phil Keoghan commented that she was breathing heavily?
    Ran for over eleven miles

    What did Josh and Tanner notice that people were doing, when they arrived in New Delhi at the railway station?
    Sleeping all over the ground

    What were Justin and Diana doing at a Detour in a scene from a previous episode, which Justin said was "backbreaking work"?
    Shoveling rocks in a mine

    What did Justin say a man in Moonlight Garden could do, after the man welcomed him and Diana to Agra?
    Shave his head for him

    What did Justin and Diana do during the Detour, after they finished washing laundry at the Road Block?
    Stacked oil cans on a cart

    What did Krista, Chris, and other contestants do at the beginning of the Road Block before they washed laundry?
    Pedaled on a bicycle

    What did Logan do during the Detour while making candy, while she told Chris he was being mean?
    Cored slabs of white pumpkin

    What did Phil Keoghan say Justin and Diana would do during a trip they won, after they finished in first place?
    Tour Oahu, Hawaii in a helicopter

    What did Tanner say that he and Josh did after they were eliminated at the end of the race?
    NOT--Gave up on themselves
    Made their worst mistake
    Let their guards down
    NOT--Lost some of their steam

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what did you learn contestants on "The Amazing Race" did during the last leg of the most recent race, after and before an exercise device was noted?
    Took almost 223,000 steps

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