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    On Deadly Ground

    Synopsis: An oil-company trouble-shooter must blow up his employer's unsafe refinery to protect Inuit land in the far North.

    What did Forest do while looking at Michael outside of the oil rig, after he lit up a cigarette?
    Detonated explosives with a remote

    What did Forrest do after he entered Hugh’s home along with Masu?
    Tested out a satellite phone
    NOT--Operated a scanning device
    Opened a bag full of supplies
    NOT--Circled an area on a map

    What did Forrest do after he arrived at Johnny’s home with Masu?
    Loaded up discs on a computer

    What did Forrest do while he was accompanied with Sasu in the forest, as MacGruder rode horses with his men?
    Setup up some traps with wires

    What did Forrest do as MacGruder tried to hit him, after speaking about evidence against Michael?
    Pushed him into a tail rotator

    What happened to Forrest after he stepped out of the hut that tribe members slept in?
    Dogs began to bite him

    What did MacGruder do after Silook tried to defend Masu during a confrontation at the village?
    Fired at him with a gun

    What did Michael do before he demanded a washcloth and claimed that caribou “stink”?
    Recorded a commercial in a studio

    What did Otto do as Hugh was confined to a chair in his office, while MacGruder searched for information?
    Forced him to drink poison
    NOT--Cut into his arm using a knife
    NOT--Doused him in gasoline
    Broke his fingers with a club

    What did Stone do while Forrest was in the engine room trying to prevent an oil spill?
    Aimed a shotgun at him

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