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    How to Get Away With Murder : I Want You to Die

    Synopsis: Annalise and the team defend a client accused of badgering a person to the point of suicide; Eve (Famke Janssen) defends Nate again when he faces possible new charges.

    What did Annalise say Nia asked her to do, after Eve asked if Annalise and Nate killed Nia together?
    Obtain pills for her

    What did Annalise do, as she and Eve sat in a restaurant, after Eve said she didn't cross examine Nia's nurse because she wanted to keep her on their side?
    Ordered potato skins and mozzarella sticks

    What did Asher tell Bonnie that he did, before Bonnie noted that Tiffany said everyone saw her leave while crying?
    Made a video at the lake house his parents owned

    What did Dale say Marco did, after admitting that he went through Marco's taxes while looking out for Sharon?
    Went to church three times a week

    What did Emily ask Nia's nurse, on the stand, to do, before asking the time of Nia's death?
    Read a page from a visitor's log

    What did Laurel do as she was making a call on her cell phone and telling Annalise to "pick up"?
    Bumped into a man on the street

    What did Laurel do, after asking Oliver to find Barrett's address for her?
    Spoke to a doorman using an accent

    What did Oliver do after Phillip surprised him in his apartment and asked how his night was going?
    Spilled his carton of milk

    What did Wes tell Eve that she did, after Judge Wilder extended her sympathies to Nate for his loss?
    Doctored the results of blood tests

    What was Wes doing when he discovered a gun in his bedroom?
    Pulling clothes out of his drawer

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