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    Resident Evil: Retribution

    Synopsis: New allies and old friends aid Alice in her worldwide search for those responsible for the T-virus outbreak that continues to turn humans into flesh-eating zombies.

    What did Ada do when she helped Alice and Becky escape a shoot-out in the Suburbia simulation?
    Threw her a pair of glasses
    NOT--Recited a password to her
    NOT--Showed her a red symbol
    Strapped a watch to her wrist

    What was Alice doing when Leon's team engaged in a shoot-out in the Moscow simulation?
    Driving them in a car

    What was Alice doing when she was attacked by a fleet of tiltrotors led by Jill?
    Standing on the deck of a freighter

    What did Alice do when she and Becky fled a group of zombies at her home in Raccoon City?
    Broke through the ceiling into her attic

    What did Alice do when she destroyed a creature with a long tongue and escaped with Becky?
    Set off a belt of grenades

    What did Alice do when she first met Ada in a control room?
    Held a knife to her throat

    What happened before a creature with a long tongue attacked Alice's group and grabbed Becky?
    Elevator lost power and shut down

    What happened during a simulation, after Alice evaded a laser grid at an Umbrella facility?
    Pedestrians crossed an intersection in Tokyo

    What did Jill try to do to kill Alice, before she ripped a control device from Jill's chest?
    Push her into a snowcat's tracks
    NOT--Crush her inside a powered door
    NOT--Cut her to pieces with a sword
    Smash her head into a brick wall

    What did a pair of bio-weapons do when they attacked Ada and Alice in a New York simulation?
    Swung large battle axes
    Sprayed an acidic fluid
    NOT--Stampeded through barriers
    NOT--Fired projectiles of lead

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