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    The Enfield Haunting : The Reckoning

    Synopsis: Guy and Maurice work to free Janet from the grip of the poltergeist as the case reaches its conclusion.

    What did Betty do because she was having marital problems with Maurice?
    Kicked him out of the house

    What did Guy tell Maurice that the doctors believed Janet had done to injure herself?
    Broken one of her thumbs

    What did Janet do before Peggy and Margaret realized the poltergeist had not gone away?
    Saw herself through a window

    What happened in Janet's room after the camera filming her stopped working?
    Orb of light burned her hand and thigh

    What happened in the bathroom after Janet peeled the scab off one of her wounds?
    Blood filled the sink and tiles flew through the air

    What did Maurice and Janet do outside of an airport, before a security officer arrived?
    Expressed their anger by yelling

    What did Maurice's daughter's spirit tell him that she didn't do, while speaking through Janet's body?
    Need to forgive him for anything

    What did Maurice do when he broke into a soccer field at night?
    Scattered Joe's ashes around

    What did Maurice do after Guy demanded Joe's spirit move on to the afterlife?
    Fainted and fell onto a piano

    What did Peggy do to convince the doctors to release Janet and prevent her from undergoing "E.C.T."?
    Lied that it was a prank

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