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    Criminal Minds : Outlaw

    Synopsis: When a robbery-homicide leaves three restaurant employees dead, a cold case that occurred in the same town six years earlier could yield a lead.

    What did Benjamin say Duke did to help Lester in prison, before explaining they've been "inseparable" ever since?
    Knocked out a large inmate

    What did a cashier do before he told Duke that he recognized him from the news?
    Pulled a shotgun and aimed it at him

    What did Chief Montoya do at the station, before Brooks arrived?
    Poured liquor into his coffee mug

    What did Dr. Reid say Hotch was doing, after the team discovered Tammy's nanny tied up?
    Coordinating roadblocks and canvassing the area
    Chevrolet (SUV) / Dodge Ram (pick up truck)

    What did Dr. Reid say Duke and Lester never did, before he suggested their partnership was dissolving?
    Left behind a survivor

    What did Duke do after Lester suggested Tammy had been unfaithful while he was in prison?
    Punched him in the face

    What did Garcia say Duke and Lester did after murdering the employees working at a restaurant in Las Vegas, New Mexico?
    Emptied the safe and register

    What did Garcia say Lester did when he was sixteen, after she accessed his record through a database?
    Raped a girl and made her brother watch

    What did Garcia say Benjamin and Duke did five years ago before being arrested in El Paso, Texas?
    Attempted to burn down a gas station

    What did Lester do while he was robbing a pharmacy, before he took a female employee away from sitting next to a male employee?
    Injected his arm with a mixture of crushed pills

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what did Katharine McPhee from "Scorpion" encourage you to do to help fight breast cancer, before you were encouraged to visit an automaker's Web site?
    Purchase a shirt she was wearing

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