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    The Enfield Haunting : The Quickening

    Synopsis: Maurice becomes annoyed when Guy enlists the services of a medium; information is revealed about the nature of the dark entity.

    What did Betty say happened when her daughter was in a coma, as Guy sat in her kitchen?
    Broken clock began to work

    What did Joe's spirit do to communicate as Janet asked it questions?
    Knocked a certain number of times

    What did Joe's spirit make Lindy do to injure Alan?
    Press a mirror until it cut into his hand

    What did Joe's spirit do in Sylvie's house, which Sylvie insisted Janet was the culprit?
    Placed glass figurines all over the floor

    What did Joe's spirit do while Janet was in the backyard, as the SPR were installing cameras in the house?
    Spoke through Margaret's body

    What did Lindy do while pretending in front of Alan, before Joe's spirit actually took hold of her?
    Spit in his face

    What did Maurice do to convince the SPR's president that the poltergeist was real?
    Covered Janet's mouth with tape

    What did Maurice discover Guy was doing in secret?
    Writing a book about him

    What did Maurice do in Janet's bedroom while attempting to connect with the poltergeist?
    Performed a blood ritual

    What did Tony refuse to do, after Maurice found him and questioned him?
    Visit a house for pay

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