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    How to Get Away With Murder : Skanks Get Shanked

    Synopsis: Annalise and her team represent a suspect in the case of a murdered teen; Asher encounters a shocking confession; Wes gains more information about Rebecca's disappearance.

    What did Ada ask Molly if she and her friends liked to do, while Molly was on the stand, after Annalise objected?
    Record videos of themselves

    What did Annalise say Tyler did to kill his family, after Dr. Healy gave him a "complete remission diagnosis"?
    Put padlocks on doors and set fire to a Christmas tree

    What did Asher do before he thanked William and watched him drive off in a parking garage?
    Embraced him as he reached out his hand

    What did Caleb appear to be doing in an article photo about him and Catherine, in footage from a previous episode?
    Leaning forward to kiss her

    What did Catherine say she did, before Michaela praised her for being quick on her "feet"?
    Took sleeping pills every night

    What did Connor do in a flashback, before Annalise asked what his problem was?
    Slipped an envelope containing a thumb drive under Ada's door

    What did Laurel tell Frank that she did because she didn't "buy" Zoey's "sob story"?
    Stole her cell phone

    What did Michaela and Laurel do before Connor asked if they could stop "Mean Girling"?
    Flipped through photographs on a tablet device
    Microsoft Surface

    What did Michaela do after she coached Caleb to prepare for court?
    Revealed that she was an adopted child

    What did Michaela do outside Caleb's house before Caleb startled her?
    Flirted with Levi on the phone

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