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    Criminal Minds : 'Til Death Do Us Part

    Synopsis: The team suspects a jilted unknown subject is responsible when brides are murdered on the eve of their nuptials.

    What was Dana doing while Nicole was tied up, and while Morgan, Hotch, and Tara were riding in a black SUV to their position?
    Wearing a long white wedding dress

    What did Dana do at the greenhouse when she confronted Nicole, after Nicole said she was going to text Ryan?
    Picked up a shovel and swung it at her

    What did Dana do when Ryan arrived to find Nicole tied up in the greenhouse, before Hotch's team arrived to trick Dana into thinking Ryan loved her?
    Held a curved knife up to her neck

    What did Dr. Reid point out that Dana did, while he was examining Ashley's dead body in the medical examiner's laboratory?
    Bit the press-on nails off of her fingers

    What happened while Madison was outside the bar of her bachelorette party, and before she was attacked by Dana?
    Man pushing a cart startled her

    What was Madison doing in Dana's basement, as Dana communicated with Ryan in a delusion?
    Laying down while tape confined her to a table
    NFL / Play60

    What did Morgan do when the team arrived at a location in an attempt to apprehend Dana, after Rossi predicted that Nicole was Dana's next victim?
    Pried open a door to a floral shop

    What was Morgan doing while he participated in a youth fitness program, before he told a group of children to play for sixty minutes a day?
    Running alongside Michael Irvin on a track

    What were Ryan, Nicole, and Dana doing when Ryan presented Nicole with a ring and proposed marriage to her?
    Sitting around a table in a restaurant

    What did Tara point out that Dana did, after the team found Madison's dead body positioned within a tree?
    Used lipstick to write a derogatory word on her forehead

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