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    Fargo : Waiting For Dutch

    Synopsis: An unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts the lives of the citizens in a small Minnesota town.

    What did Dodd say that Rye had until the next day to do, before he threatened to "cleave" his skull?
    Bring the collection money he owed

    What did Ed and Peggy do after Rye was dead, after Floyd was sitting next to Otto's bed?
    Put him inside of a stand alone freezer

    What did Ed attempt to do after he came home and realized that Peggy had already finished making dinner?
    Move magazines out of his chair
    Hamburger Helper

    What did Ed say Bud asked him to do, before Peggy claimed it would take time for them to have children?
    Take over at the butcher's shop

    What did Hank do after he wondered why Rye didn't take his own car after the murders in the waffle restaurant?
    Noticed a shoe in a tree

    What did a judge do before Rye took out a gun and then shot her with it inside of a waffle restaurant?
    Sprayed his eyes with bug spray

    What did Karl do in the police station in scenes from the upcoming season of the show?
    Placed a bench in front of a door and sat down

    What did Lou say that Betsy had done that day, before Karl pounded his fist on a table?
    Underwent a session of chemotherapy

    What was Lou doing in Molly's room, before he received a phone call telling him about the murders at the waffle restaurant?
    Reading the lines of a book

    What did Peggy say that Ed did, after he claimed they should call the police to come get Rye?
    Stabbed him with a gardening tool

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