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    Minority Report : Fredi

    Synopsis: Dash goes undercover to apprehend a woman suspected of holding a grudge against the people who killed her sister; Agatha's plan is set in motion.

    What did Akeela do before Vega revealed details about Cayman's family background?
    Searched him in a database

    What did Arthur do in his home while sharing an intimate moment with Noushka, before Dash knocked on the door?
    Kissed her on the neck

    What did Charlie do in a diner, while he with Agatha, before he said it was time negotiate more work?
    Handed her digital schematics

    What did Dash reveal his mother did, after Cayman asked him if he was part of the Parker family from Virgina?
    Suffered from a drug addiction

    What did Dash do after he arrived at the party and Vega told him to go "mingle" with the guests?
    Looked at a Terracota Army statue

    What did Dash do, before having a vision, while he met Fredi for the first time at Cayman's party?
    Recognized the bracelet on her wrist

    What did Fredi do in a lab, after she met one of Arthur's friends who would help break Cayman's security?
    Handed him a liquor glass

    What did Fredi say Cayman did, while she explained how her sister Alison passed away?
    Left her behind at a party

    What did Fredi confirm she had done, after Dash asked her about Matt Hildebrand?
    Drove him to commit suicide

    What did Fredi do after she held up an eyeball to a retinal scanner and told Cayman security was not coming?
    Aimed a pistol at him

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