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    The Amazing Race : A Little too Much Beefcake

    Synopsis: Eleven new teams embark on the journey of a lifetime as they race to Rio de Janeiro, where they take a helicopter ride and face a big decision.

    Sponsors: Under Amour, Toyota (taxi), Fitbit

    What did Alex and Adam do during the Detour, before Ernest said he couldn't believe their team beat him and Jin?
    Played volleyball with a soccer ball

    What did a cab driver do before Tiffany and Krista arrived at the Detour?
    Kicked them out of the car

    What did Cindy say that the shorts Rick had to wear did, before they started to work on the puzzle during the Detour?
    Showed off too much leg

    What were Cindy and Rick required to do after they exited a helicopter before they received a Detour pass?
    Provide the name of a monument

    What did Diana say Justin did in a video that he posted online, which made them a "viral sensation"?
    Proposed to her under the Northern Lights

    What did Kelly say the men at her and Shevonne's workplace did, after she said it would be difficult if they got cut first?
    Underestimated them all the time

    What did Krista say she and Tiffany did before they decided to switch to the puzzle challenge during the Detour?
    Stood only five feet tall

    What did Phil Keoghan tell contestants that they would do during the first leg of the race, before he told them the winners would receive plane tickets to Rio de Janeiro?
    Pedal bicycles near the beach

    What did Tanner and Chris do in a video clip, while Kelly and Shevonne discussed their first impressions of the other team members, before they boarded the second flight to Rio de Janeiro?
    Pounded their fists together

    What did a woman in a pink dress do after Tiffany and Krista completed their puzzle during the Detour?
    Gave them a thumbs up

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what did the narrator credit the "CSI Team" with doing, before an SUV was described in the same way?
    Being unstoppable for fifteen years
    NOT--Toyota Highlander
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Ford Explorer
    Honda Pilot

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