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    Dark Matter

    Synopsis: Five explores the memories hidden in her subconscious, uncovering truths about Four and Six's violent pasts.

    What did Five as "Daz" do in her own memory, before she told T.J. that she heard the ship engines kick on?
    Freed him from a container he hid in

    What did Five do as "Daz" in her own memory, before she returned to her hideout to find everything upturned?
    Picked a man's pocket for his wallet

    What did Five do as "Four" in his memory to kill the last guard after taking out his subordinates?
    Threw a knife into his chest

    What did Five say she did after Six informed her that One and Two volunteered to retrieve her?
    Knew that she could trust him

    What did Five say she did not want to watch Two doing, after offering her own mind to be probed?
    Making the same mistakes again

    What did Four do before Five interrupted him and said she knew what happened to him and knew where he was from?
    Swung a katana around in practice

    What did Four say Five needed to do, after she relayed the memories she believed to be his?
    Learn to control herself

    What did a reporter say members of the Protheon Insurrection did in hologram footage, while Six watched his own memory?
    Bombed a space station that killed many people

    What did Six's figment do after The General told him to "man up", while Six observed his own memory?
    Drew a pistol and shot him in the head

    What did a woman with long, dark hair do in footage from a previous episode after One said Far Horizon's crew was supposed to be dead?
    Ripped a bite from an arm

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