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    Zoo : Fight or Flight

    Synopsis: When Jackson's best friend, Abraham, has a dangerous encounter with a lion, Abraham thinks lions might be killing humans for sport; Chloe tries to overcome her trauma and resume working as a government intelligence analyst in Paris.

    What did Andraz do before his father told him not to do it while in a hotel's lobby?
    Reached out and petted a dog

    What did a cat do before dozens of other cats started hissing at Mitch and Jamie from a tree?
    Jumped on top of his shoulder

    What did Chloe say her sister did after she said Chloe was refusing to talk to her?
    Started a relationship with her fiancÚ

    What did Elizabeth say the pack of lions did when they killed twenty-two people which was unusual for them to do?
    Slashed their femoral arteries

    What did Jackson do after he looked at a vehicle in search for Abraham?
    Noticed a fresh trail of blood

    What did a lion do in a scene from a previous episode, before Abraham's phone fell out of his pocket?
    Dragged him up a tree

    What did Mitch do as a cub lie on a metal table before lions at the zoo started roaring loudly?
    Injected it with another sedative

    What did a pack of dogs do after Andraz's father noticed bodies of people were torn to pieces in an alley?
    Surrounded him and growled

    What did Robert do in video footage after he fed a ferret and said animals now know they no longer need to fear mankind?
    Slammed his hand on a table

    What were three lions doing at a circus before Andraz's mother said it was unnatural for them to do so?
    Walking backwards on their hind legs

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