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    Cool The Real Housewives of Orange County : Season 9: Episode 13 - Point 'Break' , BRAVO

    Synopsis:* Lizzie invites the ladies to a dinner party, where Heather and Shannon come face-to-face; Vicki brings Brooks to the party; a big accusation is made.

    What did Shannon say Tamra did after Shannon said she had known Tamra for three months?
    Lied to her in conversation

    What were Heather, Terry, Vicki, and Brooks doing when Vicki told Heather that Shannon was her ten years ago?
    Dining inside a restaurant

    What did Tamra and David do before Lizzie asked if they were going to do it again at her dinner party?
    Walked out onto the balcony

    What were Lizzie, Christian, and their guests doing before Lizzie said that she had to do something "original" for her dinner party?
    Watching a fire dance performance

    What did Vicki do while sitting next to Brooks at the dinner table, before Vicki said she did not know what Brooks was thinking?
    Gave him a few kisses on his lips

    What was Christian doing before Vicki said it was not the time to do it and that he should sit down?
    Giving a toast with a cocktail

    What did Shannon tell David that Heather did before David said she should not address it in front of guests?
    Kicked her out of her home

    What did Shannon do before she walked away from Heather during Lizzie's dinner party?
    Screamed in her face

    What did Shannon say Sophie was going to do, before Shannon said David was "present" for their children?
    Take a trip to Italy for school

    What did Vicki do when Tamra arrived at her office, after Vicki's secretary referred to Tamra as Vicki's best friend?
    Showed off her new shoes to her

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