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    Cool The Real Housewives of Orange County : Season 9: Episode 12 - La-Bomb-A , BRAVO

    Synopsis:* Shannon and David try to get back on the right track with Vicki's help; Heather's family expands with her new puppies; Tamra and Eddie make a final decision about Astro; Lizzie tries to take her business to the next level.

    What did Tamra do, in a flashback, after she said that she and Eddie had an electronic baby for a few days?
    Placed it inside of a box

    What were Vicki, Shannon, David, Brooks, and others doing when Shannon told them that she had to forget the past?
    Sitting at a restaurant table

    What were Vicki, Shannon, David, and Brooks doing after Vicki said that David and Shannon's fight was not stopping her "fun bus"?
    Drinking cocktails at a bar

    What did Vicki tell Tamra that she should not do after Vicki told her to call her the next time she wanted to do something "stupid"?
    Go around spreading gossip

    What were Tamra and Eddie doing, in preview footage, before Tamra said it was a dream of hers to have a baby with Eddie?
    Listening to a woman over a speakerphone

    What was Trisha doing before Lizzie said that she hired her because Lizzie had been a "one woman show" with her bathing suit line?
    Rolling a metal rack for her

    What did Heather tell Lizzie that she and Terry were doing when Terry proposed marriage to her?
    Flying on an airplane to Paris

    What were David and Shannon doing before Shannon said that they were never better than when they were connected and having fun?
    Riding around on horses

    What did Tamra tell Vicki that she did after Vicki asked how the electronic baby was going for her?
    Shoved it into the couch cushions

    What was Terry doing before Terry jokingly told Collette that it was for her?
    Setting up fences to make a pen

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