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    Cool The Real Housewives of Orange County : Skunk in the Barnyard, BRAVO

    Synopsis:* Shannon receives word that rumors are circulating about her and David's marriage; Lizzie gets caught in the middle of an argument between Shannon and Heather; Vicki and Brooks take a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

    What were Vicki and Brooks doing while Brooks told Vicki to hold his hand?
    Receiving massages on tables

    What did Tamra say that she did before she said she did not mean to do it to Shannon?
    Kicked her while she was down

    What was Vicki doing while she was talking to Brooks about how his day was?
    Making a protein shake

    What did Heather tell Shannon that Tamra thinks Shannon does, before Heather said she was just repeating what Tamra said to her?
    Drinks alcoholic beverages too much

    What did Brooks do after Vicki said that all Shannon and David needed to do to fix things was to love on each other?
    Held a lobster in his hand

    What did Shannon do after Tamra told her that she was making excuses for David's behavior?
    Looked at a text message on her phone

    What did Tamra do after Eddie asked her, in a flashback, if she were "out of her mind"?
    Grabbed a robot baby from a box

    What did Heather do after Shannon told her that she was "disappointed" in Heather?
    Asked her to walk away and leave

    What did Lizzie say Christian does that is "favorable" to his female sperm, according to Lizzie?
    Takes a really hot bath

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were you encouraged to do on a Web site, as scenes from "The Real Housewives of Orange County" were shown, before an air freshener was noted?
    Submit your favorite summertime photos using a hashtag, which could be featured in an episode of the show

    What were Tamra and Shannon doing while Tamra admitted to Shannon that she told Heather about Shannon and David's marriage issue?
    Sitting down in a restaurant

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