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    Cool The Real Housewives of New York City : Bon Voyage Ramona, BRAVO

    Synopsis:* Heather hosts a dinner to try to stop the bickering between Kristen and Ramona; Ramona flees the Berkshires after stumbling across something troubling while hiking; the ladies enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

    What did Heather say Ramona was trying to do after Ramona told Heather that she had to leave The Berkshires?
    Overcome her past life

    hat did Kristen and Dino impersonating "Elvis Presley" do after Kristen said she forgot about all the drama of the day?
    Held hands and ran off into the distance

    What were Heather and the other housewives doing when they found out that Ramona was in The Hamptons?
    Sitting down at a restaurant

    What did LuAnn do as she said that it was proof that Ramona was having a good time in The Hamptons?
    Showed a photograph on her cell phone
    Apple iTunes

    What did Kristen say Ramona did before Kristen said it was a "white trash" thing to do?
    Threw a glass at her face

    What were Ramona and Adam doing after Carole said Ramona was "very dramatic" to leave The Berkshires?
    Riding inside a private plane

    What did Heather, Sonja, and the other housewives do after Heather said that they should do it whenever they have an anxiety attack?
    Hugged trees while in the woods

    What did Sonja not want Ramona to do as Sonja became emotional, before Sonja told Ramona that Kristen pushed her "buttons"?
    Compare herself to her abusive father

    What were the housewives and Austin doing when Austin told them that he was twenty-years-old?
    Riding on a pontoon boat

    What were Heather, Carole, and the other housewives doing before Heather said they should stop before they get arrested?
    Swimming near a waterfall

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