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    The fringe team, after being preserved in amber for 20 years, tries to save the world from the Observers in the year 2036.

    What did a group of soldiers do at a checkpoint as Henrietta supervised them?
    Unzipped two body bags

    What was Henrietta doing, as a child, while Observers spontaneously appeared at a public park during footage of a dream?
    Blowing on dandelions in a field

    What did Henrietta do before she told Peter that she was not joining him on a mission at a black market?
    Gave him a bundle of walnuts

    What did Markham do before he answered the door for Peter, Astrid and Walter?
    Armed himself with a gun

    What did an Observer, who was holding Walter hostage, note that Walter was doing?
    Trying to think about music

    What did Peter do in an attempt to disable a machine that pumped carbon monoxide into the air?
    Clipped a red wire

    What did Peter and Henrietta do to free Olivia before Olivia asked them where she was?
    Ejected her from a block of amber

    What did a soldier say that he wanted to do, before Henrietta revived Peter?
    Steal the black boots he was wearing

    What did Walter say that Olivia had done twenty-one years ago when she revealed a "piece of the puzzle"?
    Called him over the phone

    What did Walter do before he walked down a sidewalk in a robe and boxer shorts?
    Watched light reflecting off a brick wall

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