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    Lightbulb NCIS - The Good Samaritan

    Synopsis: With the help of a local sheriff, Gibbs and his team hunt down a possible serial killer targeting naval officers.

    What did Laura Seegar tell Gibbs and Kate that her husband Jimmy would rather do than be with her as they were discussing the state...?
    Spend time out in his workshop

    What did Tony volunteer to do for Kate as she was on the phone that she reluctantly...?
    Be her emergency contact

    What did Kate say she couldn't imagine doing as she, Gibbs, and Tony discussed the case...?
    Killing somebody for her sister

    What did Abby thank Gibbs for doing that day when he came to talk to her about the tire on Jimmy Seegar's car...?
    Noticing she was being feisty

    What did Sheriff Dupray say about Gibbs' parents after he gave her his full name..?
    Had a sense of humor

    What did Ducky tell Gibbs he had done when he noticed something peculiar during Jimmy Seegar's autopsy that Gibbs...?
    Did a swab of his nose

    What did Jimmy Seegar reassure the woman stopped on the side of the road that he didn't do as a result...?
    Carry a firearm with him

    What did Jimmy Seegar ask a woman who was stopped on the side of the road...?
    Look under her hood

    What did Ducky tell Gibbs after blowing his nose that he'd done with Commander Julius's wrists during the autopsy...?
    Found traces of a powdery substance on them

    What did Kate and Tony discuss that Laura Seegar had done that gave her a motive to kill...?
    Signed a lopsided prenuptial agreement

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