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    Lightbulb NCIS - Brothers in Arms

    Season 4, Episode 21

    What did Jenny do when Troy Webster expressed concern about divulging his info...?
    Reminded him how few options he had

    What did Jenny do to signal to Troy Webster that she was alone...?
    Flashed her lights on & off

    What did Jenny ask an art teacher to do while they were interrogating him...?
    Draw a picture of the document he'd forged

    What did Jenny order the team to do just before they entered the hideout...?
    Make sure he could still talk

    What did Abby apologize to Ducky & Gibbs in the exam room for doing...?
    Knocking out the power briefly

    What did Gibbs do while inspecting the contents of the container the police opened...?
    Shot a water gun into his hand

    What did workers in the evidence room do to interrupt Tony's call...?
    Sawed into a mounted fish

    What did Tony suggest the team do to determine who would talk to Jenny...?
    Draw straws to decide

    What did Ziva tell the team she had done already before they raided...?
    Disabled the security alarm

    What did McGee tell Kate & Tony the other people in the alley noticed about Troy Webster...?
    Smelled like he'd taken a bath

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