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    Lightbulb NCIS - Light Sleeper

    What did Ducky say that neither of the women on his...?
    Died at a ripe old age

    What did Ducky tell Gibbs as he preformed an autopsy...?
    Noticed bruises on her wrists

    What did the store owner tell Gibbs was his reason for always answering the phone...?
    Took messages for poorer residents

    What did Abby do in an effort to link Sgt Porter...?
    Ran analysis on his wardrobe

    What did Ziva do when Tony was thinking of ways to get out of the...?
    Brought him to his knees

    What did Yoon's neighbor do when Yoon got the baby out...?
    Gave her a hand carrying groceries

    What did Sgt Dawson tell Gibbs that his wife was doing the last time...?
    Putting the baby to sleep

    What did Sgt Dawson say his wife did while at the Officer's club...?
    Called him to pick her up

    What did Gibbs & McGee run surveillance in an effort...?
    Watched who answered a pay phone

    What did Gibbs do to convince Sgt Dawson that his wife...?
    Showed him a picture of her

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