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    The Simpsons- The Blue and the Gray

    Moe attends a seminar in hope of gaining more confidence with women; Marge makes a change after discovering her gray hair.

    What did Marge do while driving to Club Zipless, after she applied makeup onto her face?
    - Crashed into tree bushes

    What did Marge do when she became agitated at the cashier for implying that she was old?
    - Refused to return milk to the fridge

    What did Bart do to Milhouse while standing in front of their school, after he said that Marge was not "hot" anymore?
    - Pushed him to the ground

    What did Marge do while at Club Zipless after demanding that some young women take their hands off of Homer?
    - Swung around a fire-lit broom

    What did Moe do to indicate that he felt fine after Homer asked him if he had plans for the night?
    - Faked a smile while showing his teeth
    -- Jagermeister

    What did Lisa tell Marge while at the store, not to do before they entered the check out aisle?
    - Listen to people who don't like new changes

    What did Lisa do while looking into a mirror after Homer left the house to meet Moe?
    - Drew a line around her head

    What did Dr. Kissingher tell Moe that he needed to do to look good in front women, while Moe was at his seminar?
    - Find a less attractive friend

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