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    The Simpsons- The Fool Monty

    What did the audience do after Mr. Burns "riled them up" at the celebration he gave to announce his death?
    - Threw oyster shells at him

    What did Dick Cheney have Mr. Smithers do when Smithers went to work for him, after believing Mr. Burns was dead?
    - Pull the wings off of bees

    What did Lisa do when it was her turn to spend time with the rescued Mr. Burns?
    - Took him back to his house

    What did Mr. Burns want to do after he recovered his memory and brought back Smithers from Dick Cheney's property?
    - Install a dome over the town

    What did Mr. Burns do when Bart found and rescued him, after his suicide attempt?
    - Wandered nude into a living room

    What did Mr. Burns say he wanted to do, after running down people standing in a line?
    - Share a vaccine with dogs

    What did Mr. Burns unsuccessfully do in an attempt to die, while Smithers tried to talk him out of it?
    - Jumped from a cliff over the ocean

    What did Nelson do to Mr. Burns after he got onto Mr. Burns's helicopter when Mr. Burns got his memory back?
    - Demanded he come to a school play

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