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    The Simpsons- The Fight Before Christmas

    What did Bart do to defeat the snowmen security guards that Lisa had called on him because he intended to kill Santa Claus?
    - Turned up the thermostat heat

    What happened to a mail truck after Marge wrote a letter to Martha Stewart?
    -Flames engulfed it after swerving off the road

    What did Homer do right before Mr. Burns walked into the house during the "Fluppet Christmas Special"?
    -Put on a neck brace to make himself seem injured

    What did Homer receive after Lisa explained why she didn't want a Christmas tree during her World War II dream?
    - Telegram stating that Marge was missing

    What did Lisa tell Martha Stewart she did after Martha Stewart made Milhouse and Bart march around like soldiers?
    - Made a star out of plastic water bottles
    -- Martha Steward Living

    What was Lisa doing to the Christmas tree after Homer made Maggie get out of the way so he could watch TV?
    - Wrapping it in crime scene tape

    What did Marge do, during Lisa's World War II dream, after an elephant strangled a man in a movie?
    - Lit a pile of film reels on fire

    What did Moe do after sticks and stones were thrown at him at the beginning of the "Fluppet Christmas Special"?
    - Ate a plate of cookies excitedly
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