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    Lightbulb Law & Order- Comming Down Hard

    What did Dr. Cedar's lawyer tell Judge Taylor in his chambers that Dr. Cedar did but was nor illegal?
    Denied permission to publish certain studies

    What did Dr. Toomey admit while in McCoy's office after being threatened by McCoy with a four-year sentence?
    Received phone call asking him to limit his studies

    What did Green ask Lipsky to do while walking with him and Fontana?
    Write down his girlfriend's phone number

    What did Van Buren do after Green and Fontana finished their conversation with Lipsky at the police station?
    Informed them of another supposed suicide

    What did Mr. and Mrs. Cameron tell Green and Fontana at the New York County Morgue that their daughter did while attending Atlantic Eastern University?
    Worked as research assistant for professor

    What was a middle-aged woman doing when Jenlow smashed into a car after jumping off a building?
    NOT Fighting with a businessman over a taxicab
    Leaving her clothes at the dry cleaners<may be right answer>
    Feeding bread crumbs to park pigeons
    Buying hot dogs at a stand for her children

    What did Fontana tell Green he did at the Career Center of Atlantic Eastern University while green was waiting for him in the hall?
    NOT Found pamphlet listing salaries of various jobs
    Obtained phone number of female employee
    Ate some complimentary brownies from a basket
    Signed up to participate in intramural sports

    What did Dr. Forskerskoler tell McCoy and Southerlyn while in an office in Waller Labs that a girl did after being absent from his research?
    NOT Threw herself into oncoming traffic
    Stabbed her heck with a pencil
    Swallowed pieces of broken glass
    Poured cyanide into her eyes

    What did Lipsky tell Green and Fontana while walking with them that he was doing during the time of Jenlow's death?
    NOT Handing out with friends at a party
    Studying with his girlfriend at a park <may be right answer>
    Having a meeting with his fraternity
    Buying graduation robe on campus

    What did Mrs. Jenlow admit to McCoy in his office that she did a few days before Peter Jenlow's death?
    NOT Read son's journal without his consent
    Found a bag of illegal drugs in her house
    Received phone call of someone crying
    Saw a male doctor sneaking around the dorms

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