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    House - Role Model; 09/18/10

    House - Role Model; 09/18/10

    What did Foreman do when Sen. Wright complained of not being able to breathe when asked to sign his name?
    Canceled the biopsy that was planned for him

    What did House do when Wilson suggested that being around someone as nice as Cameron was rubbing off on him?
    Retorted by asking if that was why he hadn't put the moves on her

    What did Sen. Wright do when Foreman asked if he thought the reason certain politicians lied less was out of moral superiority?
    Claimed it was because they couldn't get away with it

    What did House do when a patient kept insisting that she could not have had a miscarriage in spite of his tests on her hormones?
    Said she could choose to regard it as an immaculate conception

    What did House do after accusing Sen. Wright of having lied about falling off a swing when he was six?
    Diagnosed that he had had an epileptic seizure

    What did Sen Wright do when House seconded Foreman's assertion that he had AIDS?
    Spoke about he he never took any kind of drugs

    What did House do after telling a patient that either she was lying about having sex, he was wrong, or there was some middle ground?
    Informed her he'd be testing for alcohol and traces of a drug

    What did an aide do when Sen. Wright was having difficulty completing a speech at a rally?
    Stepped in and asked the audience to donate

    What did House do when Mr. Vogler handed him a list of key points to cover during a speech he had blackmailed him to make?
    Predicted the audience would be comatose by paragraph two

    What did House do when Sen. Wright recalled for Foreman how injuring his tongue as a small boy made him fight harder to speak up for those who could not?
    Speculated cynically that his consultants wrote the story

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