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    Red face The Real Housewives of Atlanta : Who's Your Poppa? 8pm

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta : Who's Your Poppa?

    Synopsis: The ladies take a trip to the countryside to meet with Kim's psychic advisor; Kim pursues her dream of becoming a country singer.

    For 100 Points: What did Kim say DeShawn did with her upcoming fundraiser that was unrealistic?

    Set a goal of making one million dollars

    What did Dallas Austin do with Ariana after he arrived at her house to discuss recording an album?
    Sang along to a guitar song

    For 100 Points: What did Kim joke she could do with NeNe after listening to some songs at her home?
    Pair up and perform two styles of music

    What did DeShawn do that she said was part of planning a strategy for her fundraiser?
    Visited her friend's jewelry store

    What did DeShawn say she didn't believe in doing before noting she came out just to support the others?
    Seeing a psychic for a palm reading

    What did NeNe do as she walked up the stairs at Kim's house before listening to songs on her computer?
    Said she hoped the dog wasn't around

    What did Ed say during Lisa's get-together that a man needed to do?
    Know when to cut his woman off

    What did Kim say she does with shipments she receives from a famous fashion line?
    Picks out what she likes and sends back what she doesn't
    Newport / Land Rover Range Rover

    What did Curtis tell NeNe over the phone that he had done "before she was even born"?
    Doubted whether or not he was her father

    What did DeShawn ask Sheree to do to contribute to her fundraiser when talking on the phone?
    Auction herself off for a date

    What did Lisa do with her friends when they gathered at a salon?
    Got served drinks while having their makeup done
    Comfort Inn

    What did Kim say she loved doing before noting how good she looked for a twenty-nine year old?
    Having professional pictures taken of her

    What kind of shirt was a woman wearing at Lisa and Ed's get-together after Ed said a man needed to know when to cut his woman off?

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were viewers encouraged to do on a Web site as a cursor moved and clicked on one of three blue icons?
    *Download episodes of favorite shows
    *Apple iTunes

    What designer did Kim receive a shipment from before she said she picks out what she likes and sends back what she doesn't?

    Christian Dior

    no Dolce & Gabbana


    Jil Sander

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    Circuit advertisement The Real Housewives of Atlanta : Who's Your Poppa?  8pm
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