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    Project Runaway: Double O Fashion 9/03/08 9:00 PM

    What did Stella say in the design lounge that she was doing that she hoped was right as Blayne worked on his design beside her?
    Going against the grain

    What did a famous fashion designer do after introducing herself to the designers at her offices in New York?
    Described the plot of an old movie

    What did Leanne say was "awesome" about getting picked as the winner of the challenge?
    Triumphing in two challenges in a row
    Not VISA

    What did Stella do in the apartment the morning before she and the other designers learned about their next challenge?
    Asked for advice making coffee
    TRESemme/Saturn Vue Hybrid

    What did Tim Gunn tell the designers they had the ability to do after he gave them
    instructions for the runway show?
    Impress the guest judge greatly

    What did Tim Gunn tell Kenley in the design lounge regarding her Shanghai-inspired dress?
    Had a beautiful silhouette

    What did Leanne say was "really interesting" about the current work room atmosphere after Korto told Terri she was making a vest?
    Watching people get so competitive

    What did Tim Gunn exclaim that Stella did after being eliminated from the show?
    Departed in a cheerful fashion

    What did Heidi Klum tell the designers that she hoped they did for the judges as she
    explained the prizes?
    Came ready to "wow" them

    What did Blayne do in an interview shown as the designers fitted their models before the runway show?
    Criticized Suede's dress for being unflattering
    L'Oreal Paris

    What did Fern Mallis tell Leanne that she did during the judges' critique of her dress?
    Liked the surprise of the ruffles in the back

    What did Jerell say to Leanne in the design lounge regarding his design while he was pinning material to his mannequin?
    Wanted his look to be dark and mysterious

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what information about Heidi Klum was revealed through viewers' votes as an online retailer's Web site was shown, before and after she and Tim Gunn appeared on screen?
    What her spy name should be


    In a commercial during this show, what did a woman in red do as she waited in a line while an announcer discussed "one way" to do a particular activity?
    Entered airport terminal naked and turned heads
    Has great selection of clothing

    In a movie commercial during this show, what did a surprised man with a British accent do that brought him into contact with Greg Kinnear?
    Died briefly and came back to life with the ability to see spirits
    Ghost Town

    In a movie commercial during this show, what did a cartoon scientist's assistant do with the help of his sidekicks?
    Conducted an experiment to prove that he was an evil genius

    In a commercial during this show, what happened before juice was poured into a glass and the statement "it tastes like biting into a crisp, juicy apple" was made?
    Sun rose over an apple orchard featuring an old-fashioned handbarrow and ladder
    Simply Apple
    Is all natural and not from concentrate

    In a commercial you may have seen, who recounted how she did not know what she wanted to do, but "knew the woman I wanted to become," before a credit card appeared, as somber piano music played?
    Fashion designer who photographed bare trees in a snowy forest and worked in her studio
    American Express
    Give you confidence to fulfill your dreams

    In a commercial during this show, who discussed the often high price of prescription drugs, before white text appeared over a blue background?
    Various people in their respective homes, including an older man in a kitchen
    Offer many $4 prescriptions

    What did Stella say in an interview was the only thing she had reservations about after she modeled parts of her garment for Korto?
    Working with the two-sided vest fabrics
    Adding floral embellishments to the coat
    Fitting the skinny silhouette seamlessly

    What did Leanne do in the design lounge after she revealed in an interview that she had never left the country?
    Stubbed her toe as she ran to the bathroom
    Shot a piece of fabric into the trash like a basketball
    Crept around and pretended to be a spy

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were viewers told they could do by logging
    on to a credit card company's Web site as Heidi Klum and scenes from "Project Runway" were shown?
    Submit designs to be developed by contestants on a future episode
    Take a trivia quiz for a chance to attend the next major fashion week
    Own the winning outfit recreated for them by a famous designer

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