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    What did Kim Vo compare Daniel's hairstyle to doing that made the other contestants laugh?
    Taking a laxative and sleeping pill in the same night.

    What did Jaclyn Smith say the stylists did that presented a "little problem" during the "shortcut challenge."?
    Became double-booked with clients

    What did Daniel say was his reason for employing a pompadour hairstyle during the final judging?
    Knew it would hold up well

    What did Charlie say Kristen's sister did that made her different from her sibling when explaining his styles to Jose Eber?
    Tended to be wilder and more of a daredevil

    What did Jaclyn Smith say Charlie did which saved him during the "shortcut Challenge"?
    Started with less product

    What did Jaclyn Smith do after Daniel made his final remarks to the judge?
    wiped a tear from her face

    What did Charlie tell Daniel they should do because Nicole won immunity?
    Throw her off the balcony

    What did Daniel say an assistant did to his model during the photo shoot that made him question if his hairstyle would stay?
    Hosed her down as if she were on fire

    What did Charlie say his client Kristen did that differentiated her from her sister when explaining his "Shortcut Challenge" styles to Jose Eber?
    liked to go out for sushi

    What did Charlie say he was not going to do after Jaclyn Smith congratulated him for winning the previous week's challenge?
    take anything for granted

    What did Nicole tell Jose Eber that she thought her clients' differing hair colors did during the "Shortcut Challenge"?
    Reflected their individual personalities

    What did Daniel do when he gave a testimonial about Dee's hairstyle?
    Imitated a barking dog

    What did Kim Vo say Charlie did when Michael Grecco asked him to change his hairstyle?
    Killed a fly with a shotgun

    What did Charlie warn Paulo's client that Paulo did in a montage of scenes from a previous episode?
    Created and styled "crazy hair"

    In a sponsored segment during this show, what were viewers encouraged to do as the host and cast of "Shear Genius" were shown and after a hair care products company was noted?
    Text their vote to win a hairacut fro the show's winner

    In a sponsored segment duirng this show, what were viewers told that Jalyn Smith and Kathie Gibson both did as four celeabrities were highlighted before a wireless company was shown?
    Shared an association with a noted awards program
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