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    The Golden Age of the Internet Is Over


    The modern day internet and the direction it's going with social media and online communication may be viewed as...dystopian for some, and with good reason. But things weren't always this way, in fact, there was once a time where things were far more hopeful than they are today. The internet forums, the old youtube, message boards, meme sites, and overall a much more expressive era. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from that time period, from the golden age of the internet.

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    Now a days the internet is all about ads and scams

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    I didn't watch the youtube video but I remember when the internet was a kinder gentler place. Our little group was there for each other, we supported each other during terrible things in our lives like loss, we celebrated children being born and new jobs, FB probably started out that way too but since has changed to a total hate machine, political theater and long time friends turning on each other like jackals. Seems like everything starts with a eutopic idea and then crumbles into hate, nonsense, and political folly. I miss the way we were, I miss the world I grew up in where respect was paramount (at least in my household), the stuff I've seen in the last year breaks my heart at a time when we needed each other for support more than 9/11 there was so much hate spewed it is shocking. I would like to thank everyone who supported me during my high and low times, we were so lucky to be in at the beginning.
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