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    Went for my eye exam on Monday, and as I suspected, I have cataracts. Driving at night made me aware of the 'starring' of oncoming lights. My doctor said it would be unnecessarily expensive to get new glasses right now. As she explained it - new lenses won't help you see better through the mud on your windshield. I appreciated her down-to-earth approach.

    So now I'm scheduled for a more in-depth glaucoma test in early January, required before I meet with the cataract surgeon in late January. The first operation should be scheduled within 90 days of my visit with him. I've been around people who have had this done (most recently, my sister in California), and everyone has had positive results. So I'm not too bothered by the thought of the process. There will be several follow-up visits after the surgery - I thing they said the following day, one week, and three weeks. Overall, I'm not too concerned.

    Anyone else have experience with cataract surgery?
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    I had my right eye done. They do one at a time in case something goes wrong. You will learn about what can go wrong just before the surgery. Nice huh, but don't worry it's very rare but they have to tell you. Then you sign the consent form, or ask them now and they will tell you. Go online to read all about it if you want to know ahead of time. Most people do very well though and some even can see normal, that did not happen with me. Had it done 2 or 3 years ago.

    They wait until your vision is the same with your glasses on as off. Then it's time for the operation.

    My optometrist said I would have 2020 out of that eye after surgery-----LOL, nope. I got a new script but I still need to use a magnifying glass to read my magazines, etc. He was disappointed, I was more disappointed. Oh well.

    On my last appointment I told him about the magnifying glass. He wanted to fix me up with "cheaters" Magnifying glasses to help with reading. I told him that would just be another thing to keep track of so I will just use my magnifying glass. They make money selling those but I didn't want them.

    He said to wait until I can't see as well with my left eye. He said when I am watching TV to lift my glasses and if it is the same with my glasses on or off, then it will be time to do the other eye. I guess I will have the other one done when that time comes. Maybe my vision will improve if I get both eyes done. The cataracts will just make my vision worse if I leave them.

    I say go for it but don't expect miracles. I still need glasses but my right eye is better then my left one.
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