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    Second and third shift work

    I have worked 2nd shift a lot, it fits my circadian rhythm. I can stay up until the early morning, get a lot of house work done.

    What I like the best is that you don't have a lot of supervisors breathing down your neck. Thats what a lot of 2nd and 3rd shift workers say. But there may be less supervisors around but the work still gets done, and it gets done well. Anybody else notice that?
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    I like to work quietly and get the job done. I use to stock at night, I did the H&B aisle. Six by six of little tiny itmes; all the other stockers HATED it so it was mine by default. Put on my Walkman ( yes it was a long time ago ) and just bebop along.
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    I loved 2nd and 3rd shift work, I also didn't mind weekends and holidays, it is quieter, no supervisors, little office politics, didn't need to impress anyone just do my job. Had the daytime free, didn't need to take time off for appointments, love to grocery shop late at night or early in the morning when no one was there. One job I got off at 11:30 pm, would hit the store on my way home and be at the checkout by 5 til 12 right before the store closed. Saved money because the deli wasn't open so the lunch meat came from the case. The last few years I worked days and hated it, people are petty, supervisors who don't know what they are doing telling you what to do, half as productive as I was at night, no parking, Pot Lucks for everything, people hitting you up to buy from their kids for school, no extra shift pay, house was a mess, shopping with the crowds, using time for Dr appointments, traffic in the morning and evening. I was so much more tired working days and the extra stress didn't help. Why anyone would want to work days is beyond me.
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