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    Got put in my place!

    The house next to me is a rental, and on the other side of it is an open lot. Somebody has just moved in, I didn't meet him but talked to his mother. She said that he was happy to get the place because an "older couple" lived next door (myself 64 and DH 67) LOL I really don't think of myself as being "older". But I guess I am!
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    Well, I am 74 and consider myself 'older' but don't like it when folks my age (and younger) are perceived as 'elderly.' To me, elderly is late 80's, 90 and maybe not that old because so many are fit and rarin' to go!
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    I'm 64 and rarely think about my age. But I am aware when I go out and wear my mask. And I was really aware of it when I missed the bottom step in the basement and wrenched my ankle and banged my other shin. Nothing seems to be broken, thank goodness, but it still aches a little. Limping around does make me feel more my age.
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    I discovered I was older last year, they were filling in the pool and I wanted to pull up some old metal edging to throw in the hole but when I started to pull it up I noticed how sharp the bottom was so I asked one of the guys who had gloves if he could pull it up, it wasn't hard to do it was just sharp and I didn't have my leather gloves. He told me people my age shouldn't be trying to pull things out of the ground, I was 56. I looked at him and asked "did you just call me old???" His dad was on site and laughed his rear off.
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