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    question about the mentally handicapped

    I had a handicapped business rent the condo above me. I an 67, retired and have lived her almost 30 years and this condo is part of my retirement plan. I was not home much when they moved in as I was out of state on and off taking care of my mom. This building in the past has always been extremely quiet and is mostly retired seniors.

    The "business" is owned by the mom of one of the residents who appears to be mentally challenged, There are four or more quite large heavy employees that rotate shifts every 8am and midnight and some time in between to watch the two residents - the mom will occasionally take a shift or "visit". And oh yes it s party time at every shift change, the one leaving runs around for a half hour before she leaves getting all her stuff together and talking her stuff down to her car ahead of time.. The new one honks when she arrives. They have a loud conversation in common hallway complaining about their boss and the new one runs up down stairs back and forth to her car taking things back and forth for an hour- one brings two loads of laundry with her each time she works.

    The very large 30 year old kid has a walking issue with one foot (stomps) and also speaks very loudly and plays loud video games(shooting and exploding noises) or tv cartoons constantly. The caregivers told neighbors they are just there to make sure there are no issues, there is another tall guy there but not sure what is wrong with him as he drives a car but only goes out for a few hours every week. I tried to say hi to him once at the mailbox but he would not look at me or talk. I know he talks as I have heard him with others.

    I know the kid speaks pretty clearly but with a lisp. When the kid yells he sounds totally normal. his caregivers talk loud baby talk and "woooo" 's and yahoo's him when video gaming constantly and when they take him to bathroom. is this normal?

    I suspect they try to keep him pacified as he has history of throwing a loud fit at least once a month since I have been home a couple have escalated into a physical altercation. Is this normal?

    Now the caregivers just leave the unit and call the mom to come when he gets angry, so he just stomps around up there for a half hour waiting for her. HHe yells "you are fired -get out - get out! I never want to see you again" he yells...and pushes them out and has thrown purse /bag out door to get them out,

    I heard him in the hallway last time talking to his mom- apparently mom could not come so the caregiver had to come back in and give him her phone to talk to mom. He sad he just "blew up" as the caregiver did not want to take him somewhere he wanted to go. There are two recliner chairs up there one that the employees sleep in on over night shifts, they all bang in and out of those chairs over and over all day and night and bang the foot rests up and down. I think the kid as he has a loud whisle or Tarzan type yell

    When the mom is there things are relatively quiet. In a brief conversation a while ago I had told the mom about all the noise from the stamping and rattling and yelling that I hear all the time, I had requested her to have them use earphones if they needed louder volume and she had agreed.

    Mom is very thin so I do not hear "stomping" from her she said they always take their shoes off up there when they enter She said she does not hear any stomping or rattling. I took to watching streaming tv on my tablet with earphones in hopes she could better hear the noise they make when she is there. - which I think has helped end some of the rattling when they all walk back and forth constantly between kitchen & living room, I had asked her to pad or shim any appliances or pans that are stacked. Mom gave lots of excuses for his behavior, he didn't take his medicine - the caregivers did not follow instructions, etc. She also told me she filed a discrimination complaint here due to all the complaints.

    Found out later all my neighbors had complained as condo rules say no business ,(they say they are a lawful residence), limit of 3 residents per unit (she say fair housing overruled that) and employees were leaving shared secure outer doors unlocked all time, Apparently last summer the kid "stalked" a neighbors 5 year old granddaughter at the pool area, they kept moving and the kid kept following her and care givers did nothing and another neighbor had issues at the pool with them because the mom was bringing over several of his 300-400 lb handicapped friends to go swimming with him at the pool and would not follow posted pool rules to use the outdoor shower there before swimming in the pool.

    I have complained about the noise, yelling, fights etc. condo association just says to call police, Local police will only take noise complaints for loud music, so I am waiting for the next big blowup.
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