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    Looting VS Demonstration

    I'm glad they arrested the police officer who killed Floyd. BUT I wish they would stop calling it a demonstration and not what it really is, Looting. Why is it every time something happens people go out into the street and set cars and buildings on fire, loot stores. I watched those people running through Target, they weren't protesting a thing, they were taking everything they could get their hands on. My DH was in Chicago when the Bulls won the championship in the 90's on business, what he saw was insane. Good or bad when something happens people riot and loot. https://metro.co.uk/2018/02/05/here-...efeat-7289493/ I hope that police officer and the others who held Floyd down go to prison for life, I hope the police who shot that EMT go to prison for life, but at the same time we can't allow people to destroy the property and livelihood of others. They talk about the desparity between the low income and the better off, well who is going to put their business in an area where it can be destroyed by the next news maker. This is my humble opinion, if you disagree be kind.
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    In Atlanta, A drunk guy fights with police at a Wendy's; steals a tazer off the cop, runs and tries to shoot tazer at officer, who defends himself, his partner and the surrounding civilians. Drunk guy dies. Mayor chastises the officers. Chief resigns. "Protestors" burn down the Wendy's restaurant. WTF
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