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    I find it ironic that dem bill deblasio mayor of nyc is threatening to erect walls to keep people out of the closed beaches. LOL the dems mantra is always no walls such as nancy pelosi who lives with a gate surrounding her property so no can enter. it just shows that dems are so filled with hatred that they no longer make sense! they also believe in do as i say not as i do. just look at the dem mayor of chicago who had salons closed EXCEPT for her.

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    I agree, there is something wrong with Biden, maybe it's Dementia maybe its Alzheimer’s. I don't believe you will be voting for Biden but for who will take his place, the VP. The hair sniffing grosses me out and he can't seem to control it. You are right he can't put together a sentence and that is why they don't put him out there very often. I am more disturbed at what is considered acceptable behavior on both sides, when you can hold the papermache severed head of the president, say his son should be thrown in a cage with pedophiles?? If someone had said something like this about any of the presidents before him there would be outrage. I am afraid we have sunk so low there is no recovering from this. And I have a problem with how the college aged people think everything should be given to them without thinking where the money will come from. Lack of respect, lack of self control, lack of common sense. I believe we are at the edge of a cliff.
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