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    Mom killed daughters molester, now serving time...


    Mom in Prison in Alleged Abuser's Death

    Oct. 15) -
    A Florida woman reported to prison Thursday to begin finishing a 10-year sentence for killing a man she believed had molested her daughter.
    Sylvia Neeley, now 48, admits killing Arthur Danner, 73, of Dade City, Fla., more than a decade ago, The St. Petersburg Times said.

    Pasco County Sheriff's Office
    Sylvia Neeley reported to prison Thursday to serve out her sentence for killing a neighbor she believed had molested her mentally disabled daughter

    Three months earlier, Neeley had reported to authorities that she believed Danner, her next-door-neighbor, had molested her daughter, the paper said. The girl, who is mentally disabled, was 12 years old at the time. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office investigated, but did not find enough evidence to charge Danner.

    On May 24, 1998, Danner boasted about molesting the girl and threatened to do it again, Neeley said. "Stoned on beer and painkillers," Neeley went to her home in Dade City's Land O'Lakes mobile home park, got her gun, then returned and fired at Danner's chest and groin, the paper said.

    Neeley was convicted of the killing in 2000 but the verdict was later thrown out and a new trial was ordered. With a new trial coming up, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but will receive credit for the more than four years she already served, the Times said.

    Before she headed back to prison, Neeley told the judge, "I'm very sorry for the crime I committed. I just felt like no one was helping my daughter."
    Neeley's daughter, now 23, has been moved to a group home, the paper said.
    For more information on this story, see The St. Petersburg Times.
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    Circuit advertisement Mom killed daughters molester, now serving time...
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    Father Takes Revenge On Karate Instructor Who Kidnapped And Molested His Son

    Imagine placing your trust into an adult to instruct and empower your child. But instead, they take advantage of your child and put them danger. He certainly saved a lot of tax dollars from being wasted on prosecution and incarceration of this terrible human being. If the father waited for the court process to do run their course, the molesting instructor would have most likely been killed by inmates in prison. It’s such a shame that now the father has a criminal conviction for doing what most of us would have done in the same position.
    What are your thoughts and feelings? Share them on facebook or in the comments below.


    This happened where I live - I remember when all this happened. The son still lives here, the dad passed away last year.
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