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    frugal way to exterminate Bed Bugs?

    Has anyone gone thru a professional bedbug extermination process or had success with any DIY process?
    It will cost me $400-$500 for 3 visits The "prep" is to declutter, bag all linens and clothing they recommend taking all to laundromat to assure very hot water/driers re bag in new bags and leave out 7 days of clothing separate, move all furniture 2 feet from wall, stand up mattress box spring against walls I have lived I have lived here 40 years I am 70 single and this is overwhelming As a sewer and crafter I have tons of fabric and craft items here plus tons of clothes from weight changes through the years I go up and down 10-15 lb all the time. I have been decluttering for days now not much progress throwing out tons of fabric + craft stuff as I do not want to have anyone else go thru this nightmare. Not sure how I will move furniture/mattresses yet may have to hire someone (?) and my place is so tiny with furniture in middle no place for bagged clothes I ust had my 2nd vaccine ad have been very sequestered since covid started

    Condo above me is rented by a company that rents to the house handicapped There is a mentally challenged man living there - They have untrained, low paid agency "care givers" come in every 6- 8 hours to watch them/ drive them to get meals/socialize etc. The turn over is high different people every week Last year They overflowed their laundry room into mine and the caregiver told me they had found bed bugs up there. Later I caught the mom of the guy and asked her about the bed bugs and water damage repairs to my ceiling. She was very perturbed that the caregiver had told me about the bedbugs. She just shrugged and said "thats my life" so guessing it happened before and Their landlord took care of my water damage and I had requested an update on the bedbugs but never heard back and I never saw any bugs in my unit. She had her son carry out 10+ huge garbage bags that night to her car (never saw them come back in) Now 9 months I have something that is biting me crawling on me and tiny white larvae burrowing into/out of my recliner so suspect bedbugs. The caregiver now refers me to her "supervisor" who claims there are no bedbug issues there. At the same time last year in cleaning up my water damage I had bagged some out of season clothes for storing. Without thinking I just opened that bag recently so it may have unleashed this on myself. Moving everything out of my laundry room for the repairs was bad enough...
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    Gosh, just saw this - it's bad news. Just reading this made me feel itchy, because we picked up some. Our research online referred to two things that were supposed to be most effective - diatomatios earth (DE) and 90% isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you get the 90% alcohol - the weaker variety isn't as effective. Spray all the bedding with alcohol (we picked up some cheap household bottles at the grocery store) and launder. We sprayed all over the desk where we found an area where I first discovered them. (It did mess up the finish on that antique desk, and we got rid of it.) We also sprayed the bedframes, matresses, pillows, matress pad, and instructions also said to spray around the feet of furniture to keep them from crawling away and/or crawling up. I don't remember if we also dusted the DE on the bedding, but I think it requires more careful handling, since you should inhale the dust - and it's a fine powder. It isn't poison - the powder is made up of fossilized diatoms, and can feel gritty - but it is that quality that is supposed to be able to cut into the body of an insect. It has many uses - can be used on your lawn to reduce insects, is used in pool filters. You can sprinkle it on carpet and rugs and leave it for a while, then vacuum it up.

    At any rate, we did use the alcohol mostly, and it did clear up the problem - haven't seen any since. We must have caught it early enough, and treated what we needed to treat. I know we treated several areas, not the entire house (we have three floors!) - the two bedrooms that we use, and the office area where the desk was. I still keep a few bottles of 90% alcohol handy, and a spray bottle loaded.

    This approach was least expensive and non-toxic. The 90% alcohol only smells for a little while and evaporates quickly.
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